Making the decision that you or your loved one needs to enter Sydney aged care can be daunting and emotional.

Which is why here at Fairlea, our primary mission is to recreate fond memories though shared experiences. And since many family memories begin with food, we put a lot of effort and care into our residents’ food experiences.

After all, food creates and strengthens bonds with family and friends, connects people and brings joy and warmth into our lives.

Our hope is to not only foster and evoke old memories, but to build new ones with your Fairlea family.


And, of course, quality of life extends beyond food, which is why we strive to build a solid nursing home community that nurtures our residents and their families sense of belonging. We know that “fitting in” is crucial to health, wellbeing and mental acuity.

At Fairlea, we are guided by the same values that guide a family – respect, compassion, love, comfort safety and encouragement, along with the chance to enjoy private moments and a suitable level of independence.

As for our staff – the caregivers and confidants our residents and their loved ones rely upon – we only employ those that carry these same family values. And we train and develop them so they can always perform at their best, upholding our high standard.

When you choose Fairlea, you are choosing an aged care provider committed to providing an enriching experience for your loved one. Personal care she can trust for over 30 years.

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Our founder, Dr Nancy Fung, has worked in aged care since graduating from nursing in 1968. As a woman of faith, nursing was a calling, not a career.

“When I graduated from nursing in 1968, my first job was working in the nursing home. I witnessed many frustrating incidences of elderly and the emotional trauma they experienced. For example, it was the birthday of an elderly woman. She was very excited and got up very early in the morning.

When we showed and dressed her, she told us that her only son promised that he would take her out for lunch for her birthday. We set her hair and got her sitting up to wait for the arrival of her son. I was very sad, as I watched the emotional stress of this lady throughout the day. It was like a lovely fresh flower, gradually withered in front of me. By the time I went off work in the afternoon, the son still has not turned up.

This lovely lady turned from an upright position to a slumped posture, with her head down, very tired, and we have to put her back into bed. This was so sad! I witnessed this kind of incident over and over again.

I prayed to God: one day, if you are willing, I wish to have a nursing home which will provide a homely environment, with love and care, and to encourage the relatives to be involved in the care, so residents would not feel disbanded, but continue to enjoy their golden years. At that stage, I was very young and has no idea of what would be involved in establishing a nursing home. It was just a dream and a prayer to God!”

Dr. Fung and her husband risked everything they had to buy their first 24-bed nursing home at Penshurst, which has now grown to 72 beds. Here she established a home where nurses cared deeply for the residents, and where residents were cared for in an environment of interaction, connection, food family and friends.

In 1986, Fairlea expanded to include the 52-place facility in Rosehill, Sydney; and in 2010 Fairlea acquired the Chesalon Nursing Home in Harris Park, then renovated and added another wing to the building in order to provide another 50 beds to the community.

Dr Fung’s impressive educational qualifications include a PhD and three Masters’ Degree in the fields of education, nursing, and theology.

She applies her research to the management philosophy at Fairlea and has seen many improvements in general aged care over the course of her career.

For example, her latest research showed that aged care residents benefit from counselling due to depression and feelings of isolation. As an innovation, Fairlea introduced this counselling services at for both the residents and their relatives to help them transition during this difficult time. The nursing home also employs a raft of allied health professionals to ensure residents to receive a high quality of life.

Fairlea also places strong emphasis on staff support and offers counselling to all staff, recognising that aged-care staff can suffer stress and burnout and they know that healthy staff equals healthy residents.

As an English and Cantonese speaker, Dr Fung also mentors Chinese students and lectures at Moore Theological College.

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